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Balance Is The Key

Chess Center Director Al Massip

Al’s message to parents

It’s quite simple. A balance of Family, Faith and Education come first at the Chess Center. We find that through chess, children learn valuable life-principles. And, in accordance with this philosophy, we find that good balance on the board and in life is an essential key to success.

A portrait of J. R. Capablanca hangs front-and-center at our club. He was a ambassador for Cuba (career), an accomplished linguist (education), a fine tennis player (sports), a world traveler (culture) and a grandmaster at chess. Chess was the vehicle, not the goal of his life.

Beware: becoming a chess master should not be the main goal of a life. I have seen a sad pattern with several adult chess masters who have become immersed in the game beyond balance. They are often broke, dependent on parents or girlfriends and hide their failures in life behind a chess board. They haven’t mastered chess – chess has mastered them!

Our focus at the Chess Center is different. Chess is a great environment where kids can discover the wonders of life. So many life-principles are clearly on display: decisiveness, attention to detail, concentration, sportsmanship, clear-mindedness, overcoming adversity, truthfulness, goodness, beauty and so much more.

We believe that as our students progress in chess they will also progress in school and in become wonderful, unique human beings.

True balance is a key to life, education, sport and chess. For many growing minds, chess is the best vehicle – not the goal.

Wishing you a life in balance,
Al Massip
Chess Center

The Chess Center, its agents and employees have the right to refuse services and products and maintain the right to ask a person to vacate the premises if they determine that the peace is being disturbed through lewd or profane language, unseemly gestures and or other improper behavior.

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